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A Guide on Security Lighting

If you are concerned about keeping your home safe, then one thing that comes to your mind is how to secure the place. There are many ways of securing your home today. There are a lot of sophisticated alarm systems you can install in your home, but one of the simplest ones and less costly is a security lighting system.

There are some home owners who are reluctant to get lighting security systems because they think that it will just increase their energy bills and they don’t want to be disturbed by its brightness at night. What is great about modern lighting security systems is that it is energy efficiency since it is only when it senses someone approaching the house that it lights up. The infrared sensors and microwave sensors are the two kinds of sensors by which the lighting security systems operate.

When you install infrared lighting security, the light is triggered on when warm objects such as a person or a car is sensed. The microwave sensor sends out high frequency radio waves which can detect anyone within their range as the energy breaks the radio waves. LIght goes on when the system detects anyone within is range when the radio waves are broken.

The good thing is that the lights will not be turned on very long because after some time, for both sensors, the lights will then turn off. This will give you energy savings and will surely scare intruders away. And since these security lights are turned off the whole day, there is no additional amount incurred in your electric bills.

You can also install automatic security lights for everyday usage. It will give you automatic lighting when you come home at night, once it senses your car coming. The cost of lighting security systems is lower than any other type of security systems.

Home security lighting comes in different types. Even from the morning and throughout the day, there are security systems which you can use. Here, you need to install different types of lighting which are to be kept on at all times. But since lights are on the whole day, then you can expect to have high energy costs from this type of security.

You can also install motion-activated flood lights to protect your home. They use motion sensors and the lights turn on whenever it senses any motion. This is beneficial since it also saves energy and catches intruders before they are able to enter your home.

Lighting security systems only shine brightly when they detect motion; otherwise, they are on low power. This security lighting is called ‘hi-lo’ lighting.

Electrical experts and technicians have solutions for all kinds of security lighting system installation. If you need maintenance and repair of your lighting security systems, these professionals are also able to offer you these services.

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